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Our Philosophy for Investment Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the art and science of making intelligent wealth management decisions. This “art and science” is defined by *Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), a concept designed to help risk-averse investors create a well-defined investment portfolio balancing risks against performance. According to MPT, since risk is an inherent part of higher reward, it's possible to construct an "efficient frontier" in an optimized portfolio offering a higher potential return with a reduced level of investor risk.

In our opinion, an important aspect of portfolio management is assisting you in determining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your investment strategies. Some of the aspects we consider in developing your portfolio are;

Helping you create an intelligent equity vs debt investment strategy using both domestic and international investment opportunities.

Helping you identify and maintain an efficient liquidity or cash management solution for your situation.

If you’re in the Accumulation phase of life, we assist you in identifying and maintaining an appropriate risk tolerance for your growth investment solutions.

If you’re in the Distribution phase of life, we assist you in identifying and maintaining an appropriate risk tolerance for your income investment solutions.

We help you understand the actual risk associated with your portfolio by stress testing it against real world scenarios. This helps you understand the potential loss your investment portfolio could experience and consider ways to reduce that risk.

We live in a world where the only certainty is uncertainty. We assist you in creating an investment portfolio with the flexibility to adjust accordingly for your changing life needs as well as the continuously changing economic and market conditions.

Tax costs are the single largest expense impacting your family’s wealth growth. We assist you in managing your income and investment strategies in ways that help reduce the current and future tax impacts on the growth of your family’s wealth.

We’d be honored to review your portfolio risk factors and management strategies. Contact us for your complimentary consultation to make the most of your investment strategies.

*Created by Nobel Prize recipient, Harry Markowitz, published in 1952 in the Journal of Finance

No management theory can anticipate every situation nor guarantee against losses, but the MPT is a good solid basis for making investment decisions.

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