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Our Philosophy for Charitable Planning

Many people have charitable desires but they’re also concerned they won’t have enough money to meet their lifetime needs if they make a charitable gift today. If this is you, then we may have a solution for you.

Donor focused planning is a strategy that can help you achieve your charitable desires while potentially improving your income distributions as well as gifts to your family. This may surprise you, but when you understand the impact of charitable tax planning and asset distribution strategies you realize that you may be able to disinherit the IRS in your family wealth planning.

From a financial viewpoint, tax breaks are a huge advantage to using a planned giving strategy. Donor focused planned giving can put full power in the donor’s hands. There are 4 primary types of gifts a donor can make; Income gifts, Asset gifts, Planned Gifts and Estate Gifts. Each type of gift has strengths and weaknesses, and understanding the pros and cons of each is important to achieving your goals.

  • Some gifts can provide you, your spouse, and even your children income for life.
  • Some gifts can provide you tax breaks today and some of them provide you tax breaks at a later date.
  • Some gifts make it possible to sell highly appreciated assets with no taxes due while still providing you a current year tax deduction.
  • Some gifts require you to create a specially designed trust that can create tax deductions, lifetime income, gifts to charities and gifts to family.
  • Blended gifts allow donors to give something now, something later and something in between. By using the best assets at the best time, blended gifts add up to powerful impact for donors and for the charities they love.
  • The specifics for your Donor focused plan will vary according to many factors. We can help you consider the possibilities for your situation.

We’d be pleased to review your current or desired planned giving strategies. Contact us for your complimentary consultation to make the most of your Donor focused giving strategy.

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